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Cheese Making

This has been an adventurous year for us, I started making cheese in October which has lead to building a cold smoker so we can oak smoke some of the chedder, we have also made our own smoked salmon too

Initially my guide for cheese making was a booklet produced by the very helpful Christine Ashby who is also contactable by phone and more recently a book HOME CHEESE MAKING by Ricki Carroll.

The greatest difficulty was finding suitable vessels large enough to make a double boiler. I eventually sourced a 12 L stainless steel bucket from Germany for £25 including postage and a huge aluminium stock / preserve pan on eBay large enough to sail a yacht in. I made a cheese press from two chopping boards and some stainless steel threaded bar.


To produce a chedder style hard cheese is not as difficult as you may think, it does however require some equiptment and time. All equiptment and cheese making supplies can be sourced from Moorland Cheese Makers

The basic requirements:-
A double boiler larger enough for 8L milk
Dial thermometer
8 litres of milk
a starter culture ( MA 400)
Cold boiled water
Long bladed knife
Long handled spoon
Cheese mould and follower
Cheese cloth
Draining matt
Cheese press
Cheese wax or cheese cloth for storage

First Cheese
smoking cheese