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Incubating Eggs

These are Light Sussex Eggs which have been in our incubator since the 2nd May and will take 21 days to hatch, the incubator turns the eggs automatically and keeps the tempersature at 37.5 degrees C and 45% humidity.


This is our incubator, a Korean made R-Com 20 which is automatic and allows you to incubate about 20 chicken eggs at one time.
The factory settings are set at 37.5 degrees C and 45% humidity this can be varied for different types of poultry.

It comes with very little information on how to use it which is not helpful, but they do have a website which having checked out is very poor we realise eggs should be set in rows with a divider between each row of 3 to make the eggs turn properly.

After 10 days you can check to see if your eggs are developing into embryos by holding an egg up and shining a torch in from behind the egg, this is called 'candling' as it used to be done with a candle, you should be able to see red veins growing out around the yolk.

After 18 days of incubation you have to switch off the turn setting which stops the floor from moving and the eggs turning, this is to allow the chicks to hatch without getting dizzy or ending up trapped. Chicks need warmth after hatching and are best left in the incubator for an hour or so to dry out. Afterwards they can be moved to a large box with a heat lamp and food and water this area must be big enough for the chicks to get away from the heat lamp if they get too warm.

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